More about Botnet

As we have already written, a botnet that chooses passwords to sites on popular CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, DLE) is active worldwide. The problem started in April 2013 and it is still not solved.
Initially, we analyzed logs, found the most active IP-addresses and blocked them. Then we blocked only the access to login pages in admin panels. We have been blocking nearly 7500 IP-address per month, while in beginning of April more than 90,000 servers were infected. In general, such policy was not the solution for the problem.
We have launched a new system to fight with brute force today. It is easier, more elegant, and blocks nothing. Now you need to enter the captcha to enter the admin panel, and if it is written without mistakes the system redirects you to the admin login page. Botnet menace is eliminated and client IP-addresses are not blocked. Captcha provides cookie, which is valid for 24 hours, but deactivates at 00.00 at night.
You can see examples of captcha in work here:
If you are tired of entering captha and you have a static IP-address, you can contact our support and we will ass it to the white list.
Contact the support in case of any problems.