Terms of services

Rules are an integral part of the Agreement.

Client is responsible for the security of his/her user name and password. Contractor is not responsible for any losses of Client, connected with the loss of access details of his/her account.

All websites and domain names hosted on servers of Contractor have to belong to Client.

Minimum term on which Client can order additional service "Dedicated IP-address" is 30 days.

Configuring and running of any additional and/or non-standard software is carried out only after consultation with the technical support of Contractor.

It is prohibited to place:

  • software and content contradictory to the laws of country where content placed;
  • warez and any other content that violates copyright and related rights, including links to it;
  • theft and hacking, phishing/fake, malware, crack/hack, placing/spread of viruses and exploits, and similar activities;
  • DDOS, port scan, brute force;
  • spamming, mass mailing, letters that were not delivered to recipients, and other actions that have/would led to the emergence of IP-address of Contractor in DNSBL black listed;
  • grabbing, botnets, xrumer, submitter, and other similar software;
  • IRC, proxy-services, anonymizers, game servers, online games, torrent-trackers, file sharing, file storage, public postal services, stream-projects, doorways, jimbot and other resource-intensive projects;
  • pharm, resources that distribute "Spice" and other drugs;
  • sites devoted to pyramid schemes;
  • sites of hyip projects (fraudulent projects, similar to investment fund with a high yield), sites that advertise hyip projects or provide ratings of hyip projects;
  • sale of any drugs if the store is not licensed;
  • sites advertising illegal activities;
  • cardsharing services;
  • publish and/or use of personal data of other people, unless it is permitted by these individuals;
  • promotion of drugs and suicide.

Company leaves the right to enlarge the list of prohibited acts, if Client's actions contradict the current legislation, technical standards and norms of behavior, violate the rights and/or interests of third persons.

In the case of complaints (abuse) and depending on the nature of violation, Company reserves the right to use one of the following measures in relation to Client:

  • give time to correct violations without blocking client's account;
  • block client's account to fix violation;
  • disable client's account without a return of unused funds;

Affiliate program

  • A participant is prohibited to register additional accounts for him/herself as referral's account. If we find such accounts, they will be blocked, Client will not participate in the affiliate program, and affiliate payments will be canceled.

Regulations concerning work of tech support

Technical support is required to:

  • Provide functioning of all web server services according to the tariff.
  • Respond to clients' requests not later than 3 hours from the moment they appear.
  • To solve all the problems that affect the performance of web services.
  • Report about all changes concerning a server (settings, equipment replacement, etc.) through publishing information in the news section of hosting or by mail.
  • Provide all the necessary information for the client about server configuration (phpinfo, software version, etc.) upon request.

Technical support is not required to:

  • Provide support for coding and third party software.
  • Install and/or configure client's scripts and CMS.
  • Configure web server to the individual needs of client (this is a Shared hosting, if you need custom settings, then a VDS or dedicated server will be better for you).
  • Teach how to use the client's billing, control panel and/or other server applications, technologies and standards.
  • Provide technical support to third parties.
  • Provide support for OS and software for VDS and dedicated servers.